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Factions Information and Guide

What is factions on Barty Realms?

Factions encourages PVP and raiding of bases, in order to become the strongest and richest faction you must build up your base. There are many strategies, such as building a completely hidden base or one filled with traps.

We plan to have 1 month long factions seasons, and at the end of each the server will reset and everyone will start from the beginning, aside from kept achievements and perks. There will be seasonal rewards and the winners will recieve prizes in the form of permanent unique achievements, free p...

Chat Guideline

Chat Guideline


- If your town members are okay with it, then you can do most of these in town chat. (Please note, slurs/discrimination are not okay anywhere on the server).


Swearing / Curse words allowed so long as:


- They’re not directed at someone

- It’s not excessive, with ex...

Staff List


barty (BartyRealms)


Head Staff:

Fayn (faynman)


Senior Staff:

Pepega (Toybox753)

iTrollxEpicFail (xEpicFail)

Jonah (jonaht2000)





Custom Enchantment Guide

Why, hello there fellow player! You, yes you! Today I'm making a somewhat in-depth guide for custom enchantments. Table of contents below.


1. How to acquire custom enchantments.


2. How to upgrade/ensure your enchantments don't break your item.


3. Explaining how to use the Alchemist.


4. Explaining the different tiers and how to find out specific info per enchant.


5. Explaining when to apply custom enchants and when not to.



Let me say this guide will NOT  be going over what enchant...

Towny Information and Guide

Towny has tons of unique and sometimes hard to understand commands and features, here is some information that should help you out! Thank you @Faynman for creating this awesome guide!


You can do /t help ingame to find some information, but this is a (hopefully) more detailed guide. If I've missed something, please comment and let me know! (Additionally, check out Pog's Enchantment Guide:


Chat Channels


/tc - Talk in towny chat, only members of your town can see this


/nc - Talk in nation chat, only members of your nation can see this



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