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December: In Summary
Started by BartyRealms


This December we had a great month! The Towny Earth server has exploded in popularity and is growing larger each day. I am extremely happy with how everything has gone! I believe we have a great community here and as the server continues growing it will only get better. Here are some milestones and significant changes on the server.


  • We managed to hit 51 players online at once! This is amazing and thank you everyone!
  • We hit 890 unique users on the server. Wow! After only 11 days!

December Changelog:

  • 12/20
    • BartyRealms Towny Earth Launched
  • 12/21
    • Fixed MobArena splash potions¬†
    • Added spawn protection to resource world
    • Increased animal spawn limits
    • Fixed the map
    • Miner job nerfed by 3.89x
  • 12/22
    • MobArena Chicken boss nerfed
    • Money making guide created
    • Catseuza became Junior Staff, EnzoMinaj promoted to Staff
  • 12/23
    • Nations given custom colors
    • mcMMO achievements fixed
    • Revert on unclaim disabled
    • MobArena classes buffed to have 24 healing potions instead of 18
  • 12/24
    • New React Prefixes: Nimble, Quick, Turbo, Lightning
    • Towns with overclaimed plots are now charged $250 per overclaimed plot
  • 12/25
    • Merry Christmas!
  • 12/26
    • First Drop Party
  • 12/27
    • Server updated to 1.15.1
    • Spawner stacking removed
    • Automated server restarts every 6 hours. Check when the next restart is using /srt check
    • Town Outlaws have been fixed. If you die in a town that has you outlawed, you get sent to their jail.
    • You can now teleport to the town spawn of any town in your nation
    • Silk touch/spawners/map fixed
  • 12/28
    • Voting has been fixed
    • Colors in chat have been disabled
    • Map fixed
    • Voting fixed for good this time
    • Spawners, [item], and PlayerShops fixed for good
    • MobArena disabled due to exploits
  • 12/29
    • Beta prefix is now unobtainable. Exclusive!
    • Vote crate rewards have been buffed
    • Emotes disabled due to exploits
    • PVP in the resource world has been disabled
    • Nikkii promoted to Senior Staff, FriedNoodz promoted to Senior Staff, Crazyman63 became Junior Staff, Dangerdude40 became Junior Staff, shurikit became Junior Staff
  • 12/30
    • Added ability to sit on stairs by double right clicking, also added /sit
  • 12/31
    • Prefixes are now grouped and ordered alphabetically on the tab list
    • Running into the world border will now teleport you to the other side of the world. The world is less flat now

Thank you everyone for a great December and hope you continue enjoying the server! Happy New Year's!

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this is such a cool and unique server!

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