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Towny Earth Announcement
Started by BartyRealms

Hey everyone.

So as we all can see factions did not work out very well. Partially because it is extremely hard to start a factions server, and partially because I learned that I do not enjoy running factions servers. We ran into some issues, mainly that factions servers are only really fun when there's a large amount of people on them. And PVP in survival.. kinda meh.


Another issue was that you are all here because of Towny. And that's what I want to talk about next!



BartyRealms Earth

BartyRealms Towny on a map of the world! Start an empire and conquer the world!


Check out this link to our map to see what I mean:



- No PVP

- No griefing/raiding/stealing

- All of the features that you know and love from BartyRealms  (Perks, Prefixes, Achievements, /menu)

- No /shop

- Balanced Jobs

- Completely player-based economy with player shops!


Be sure to read our new rules:


Factions, Towny 1, and Towny 2 will be closing and we will launch Towny Earth on Friday, December 20th. (12/20/2019) at 6 PM EST.


The maps for Towny 1 and Towny 2 will be made available for download on our website shortly after they are shut down.


All paid packages will be transferred to Towny Earth


We will also be adding an event world where we will plan to have weekly events!

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