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Factions Information and Guide
Started by Faynman



Head Staff
14 Jun 2019

What is factions on Barty Realms?

Factions encourages PVP and raiding of bases, in order to become the strongest and richest faction you must build up your base. There are many strategies, such as building a completely hidden base or one filled with traps.

We plan to have 1 month long factions seasons, and at the end of each the server will reset and everyone will start from the beginning, aside from kept achievements and perks. There will be seasonal rewards and the winners will recieve prizes in the form of permanent unique achievements, free paid server store packages, and more.


Feature List:

- Version 1.14.4

- 1.8.8 Combat

- Seasonal Rewards

- ChunkBusters

- GenBuckets

- Balanced PVP

- Destroyable Obsidian

- Auto Sell Chests

- Stackable Spawners

- Blast Pickaxes

- Safari Nets

- Achievement System (over 50 achievements)

- Prefix System (over 50 prefixes)

- Perks System

- Customized Factions Plugin - Including war banners, checkpoints, factions warps, faction vaults, faction chests, and TNT banks.

- Balanced Economy

- Sophisticated AntiCheat

- New Vote Crate

- Trading (and auctions)



- Respect all players and staff.

- No cheating or bug abusing.

- Griefing, raiding, and PVP are allowed.

- No advertising other servers or websites.

- No arguments, insults or toxicity in public chat.

- No evasion of the AFK kick.

- Nicknames cannot impersonate others or be unreadable.

- No alternative accounts.

- Do not argue with staff.


Factions Command List:

To find a specific command, press Ctrl and F to search for a key word.

To find this information in-game you can do /menu and /f help.

- /f create [name] - Create a new faction.

- /f who [name] - Show faction information.

- /f tag [name] - Change faction tag.

- /f join [name] - Join a faction.

- /f list - List of all factions.

- /f top - Richest factions list.

- /f map - Map of surrounding area.

- /f sethome - Sets your faction home.

- /f home - Teleport to faction home.

- /f title [player] [title] - Sets a member's title.

- /f ban - Ban player from your faction.

- /f unban - Unban player from your faction

- /f banlist - List banned players from your faction.

- /f lowpower - List of members with low power.

- /f coords - Quickly broadcast location to your faction.

- /f showclaims - List all of your faction claims.

- /f leave - Leave your faction.

- /f invite [player] - Invite a player to your faction.

- /f deinvite [player] - Cancel an invite.

- /f claim - Claim land for your faction.

- /f unclaim - Unclaim faction land.

- /f kick [player] - Kick player from faction.

- /f mod [player] - Promote faction member to mod.

- /f coleader [player] - Promote faction member to coleader.

- /f leader [player] - Give leadership to another player.

- /f chat [ally/faction/public/mod/truce] - Change chat channel.

- /f warp - Warp to your faction warp.

- /f setwarp - Sets your faction warp.

- /f perms - Manage faction permissions.

- /f upgrades - Purchase faction upgrades.

- /f checkpoint set - Set faction checkpoint.

- /f tnt [add/take] [amount] - Manage tnt bank.

- /f tntfill [radius] [amount] - Fill nearby dispensers with TNT.

- /f chest - Open faction chest.

- /f ally - Ally another faction.

- /f announce - Announce to your faction.

- /f bank - Check faction bank.

- /f delwarp - Delete faction warp.

- /f demote - Demote faction member.

- /f disband - Disband faction.

- /f enemy - Enemy a faction.

- /f desc - Change faction description.

- /f fly - Toggle faction fly.

- /f getvault - Get faction vault item.

- /f inspect - Toggle inspection mode.

- /f rules - Check faction rules.

- /f vault - Open faction vault.

- /f ninja - Toggle disabling enemy flight when near.

- /f particle - Toggle faction fly particles.

- /f power - Check your faction power.

Faynman · 10 days ago