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Chat Guideline
Started by Faynman



Head Staff
14 Jun 2019

Chat Guideline


- If your town members are okay with it, then you can do most of these in town chat. (Please note, slurs/discrimination are not okay anywhere on the server).


Swearing / Curse words allowed so long as:


- They’re not directed at someone

- It’s not excessive, with excessive being something like every sentence you say or many times in one sentence (they should be used for emphasis, not be the bulk of what you’re saying).


Slurs / Discrimination:


- Never allowed in any circumstances.

- Sentences that say something negative towards a specific group (such as race, gender, nationality, ethnicity) are not allowed and will not be tolerated.


Explicit Jokes:


- Must follow the other guidelines.

- Try to elude to something instead of outright saying it, while we are not responsible for children reading it (they did join a public chat after all), however those jokes can often make people uncomfortable, so keep it PG-13.


Politics / Religion:


- In order to avoid heated debates, we do not allow politics or religious discussion in general chat. Sometimes it will happen, but any staff member is in their right to end the conversation.

- Avoid political/religious statements.


Current World Events / Sensitive Topics / History:


- Avoid any obviously sensitive topics (such as death, depression, suicide, the Holocaust).

- Follow other guidelines, if the topic is too political/religious, then move it out of general chat.

Faynman · 6 months ago · Last edited: 6 months ago