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Towny Information and Guide
Started by BartyRealms



13 Jun 2019

Towny has tons of unique and sometimes hard to understand commands and features, here is some information that should help you out! Thank you @Faynman for creating this awesome guide!


You can do /t help ingame to find some information, but this is a (hopefully) more detailed guide. If I've missed something, please comment and let me know! (Additionally, check out Pog's Enchantment Guide:


Chat Channels


/tc - Talk in towny chat, only members of your town can see this


/nc - Talk in nation chat, only members of your nation can see this


/gc - Talk in global chat, everyone can see this


/msg [name] - Message a player personally


Towny Commands


Basic Towny Information


/t new [name] - Creates a new town, costs 50k


/t here - Shows you the information about the town you're standing in


/t add [resident] - Invites the player to your town


/t join [town name] - If the town is fully public, you will join the town. If it isn't you'll need an invite for this to work.


/t spawn - Teleports you to your town's spawn


/t spawn [name] - Teleports you to any public town you write the name of


Claiming Land


/t claim - Command to claim a wilderness chunk for your town


/t claim outpost - Claims an outpost for the town


/t outpost [number] - Warp to an outpost


/t unclaim - Unclaim a previously claimed area


Money Commands


/t deposit [amount] - Adds your own money to the town's bank


/t withdraw [amount] - Withdraws the town's money into your personal account


Town Customisation


/t rank [add/remove] [name] [rank] - Removes or grants someone in your town a rank


/t set board [message] - Sets the message seen by residents when logging in


/t set mayor [resident] - Gives the status of mayor to the player you name


/t set spawn - Sets the town space, has to be in claimed area


/t set name [name] - Change your town's name


/t set outpost - Sets a town block as an outpost


/t set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [builder/destroy/switch/item-use] [on/off] - Gives specific permissions to build/destroy/switch/item-use in your town.


/t set taxes [number] - Sets the taxes collected from each resident daily. (Also sets percentage if tax-percentage is toggled on).


Towny Toggle Commands


/t toggle explosion - Turns on/off explosions in the town area


/t toggle fire - Turns on/off fire in the town area


/t toggle pvp - Turns on/off pvp in the town area


/t toggle taxpercent - Turn on/off taxing by percent/flatrate


/t toggle public - Turn on/off public ability to /t spawn [name] to your town


/t toggle open - Turn on/off public joining in your town


Plots Plots Plots!


/plot claim - Resident command to personally claim a plot that is for sale.


/plot forsale (or fs) [number] - Sets a plot for sale


/plot notforsale (or nfs) - Cancels the selling of a  plot


/plot set reset - Sets any type of plot back to a normal plot


/plot set shop - Sets a plot to a shop plot


/plot set embassy - Sets a plot to an embassy plot


/plot set arena - Sets  plot to an arena plot


/plot set wilds - Sets plot to a wilds plot


/plot set perm (resident/ally/outsider) on/off


E.g. /plot set perm ally off


OR for more detail:

/plot set perm (build/destroy/switch/itemuse) on/off


E.g. /plot set perm friend build on


Plot Toggle Commands


/plot toggle fire - Turn on/off firespread in the plot


/plot toggle pvp - Turn on/off pvp in the plot


/plot toggle explosion - Turn on/off explosions in the plot


/plot toggle mobs - Turn on/off hostile mob spawning in the plot


Nation Commands


/n new [name] - Creates a nation, costs 100k


/n deposit [number] - Adds money to the nation


/n withdraw [number] - Withdraws money from the nation


/n [add/remove] [name] [rank] - Grants or removes rank from a resident


/n add [town] - Invites a town to your nation


/n kick [town] - Kicks a town from your nation


/n delete [name] - Deletes your nation


/n set king [name] - Changes the king to whoever you select


/n set capital [town] - Sets the capitol and king of the nation


/n set taxes [number] - Sets nation tax applied to the towns in the nation


/n set [name] - Sets the nation's name

Here is a chart that lists how many players you need to get more claims in your town!

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