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Custom Enchantment Guide
Started by BartyRealms



13 Jun 2019

Why, hello there fellow player! You, yes you! Today I'm making a somewhat in-depth guide for custom enchantments. Table of contents below.


1. How to acquire custom enchantments.


2. How to upgrade/ensure your enchantments don't break your item.


3. Explaining how to use the Alchemist.


4. Explaining the different tiers and how to find out specific info per enchant.


5. Explaining when to apply custom enchants and when not to.



Let me say this guide will NOT  be going over what enchants are better/best or what you should use. You need to read over them yourselves, it's personal preference.

1.  How do I acquire custom enchants?


I'm glad you asked!! You can easily get custom enchantments by doing /enchanter in-game and picking a tier based on your current in-game experience. Please note that your level and your experience are two different things. You can do the command /xp to view your experience. Each level requires more experience to achieve, meaning you can have 100,000 experience but only 100 levels; you can still buy enchantments equal to 100,000 experience.



2. How do I keep my enchant from breaking the item I'm trying to apply it on?



  The answer is quite simple, just buy some Magic Dust from /shop. Players with Hero rank and above get access to special shops, which while containing other items also contains more Magic Dust packs at a cheaper price. To use the Magic Dust packs simply hold them in your hand and right click. Each pack has a chance to give a dud or contain Magic Dust that can boost your success rate by 1% all the way up to 15% per dust! Dust tiers work the same as enchanting tiers (The easiest way is to match colors, blue elite dust will only work for the blue elite books) To apply your Magic Dust to an enchant, just drag the dust onto the book in your inventory. Please note you can't go above 100% success and anything over that is wasted. If you don't have a 100% success rate, the enchantment can break your item and destroy it.



3. Now I'm going to explain the Alchemist and why it's useful.



  If you're not sure who/what that is, do /enchanter on the very bottom right, you'll see an end portal frame; click it. At first glance, it can seem a bit confusing and expensive. First, let me explain what the Alchemist does, he can combine Magic Dust and Custom Enchantments of the same tier into the same dust/enchant of a higher tier.  As you can imagine this is amazing since you're not stuck with low-level enchantments and can upgrade them. If you've already tried the Alchemist but realize his costs to combine enchantments is incredibly expensive - let me tell you a secret. The higher the success rate on an enchant you're trying to upgrade/combine, the more expensive it is. What this means is you'll want to use Randomization Scrolls to reroll the chances until they're sub 15%, preferably under 10% is best. You'll notice with both enchantments having a lower success percentage, the cost is significantly less.



4. Now that you know more about how to get and upgrade your enchants, let's talk about how to get more information about them.



  When you do /enchanter you can right click each pane per tier and view what enchantments are available in it. You can also type /enchant [name] in chat to view specifics about any single enchantment. With this information, you can see what tier it is, what the description is and what the max level for an enchantment is. All of that information is crucial for deciding whether the enchantment you got is amazing or just kinda low level and bad :P



5. Now that you've got your enchants and information you're almost ready to apply and use them.



  The only advice I'd give is to make sure your enchantments are 100% success before applying. You can either upgrade books with the Alchemist as explained earlier, or you can apply the next level enchantment to whatever it is you're upgrading. Let's say you apply Anti-Grav 2 to your boots, if you got an Anti-Grav 3 book later, you can apply it to the same boots and it'll level your Anti-Grav from 2 to 3. That's good in case you put some low level enchants on gear early on and wanna upgrade them later.



Lastly, some general information about how the Magic Dust and Randomization scrolls work. Most are color coded to match their specific enchant, the only thing you'd have to watch out for is "Crate" enchantments are the same yellow as Ultimate enchantments. If you don't know all the names by heart, just use the colors to match scrolls/dust to their respective tier. I hope this guide helped a bit and if you have any questions feel free to reply or ask in-game.


BartyRealms · 6 months ago · Last edited: 6 months ago