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Everything Towny! (Towny command guide)

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on: April 02, 2019, 12:05:16 PM
You can do /t help ingame to find some information, but this is a (hopefully) more detailed guide. If I've missed something, please comment and let me know! (Additionally, check out Pog's Enchantment Guide:

Chat Channels

/tc - Talk in towny chat, only members of your town can see this

/nc - Talk in nation chat, only members of your nation can see this

/gc - Talk in global chat, everyone can see this

/msg [name] - Message a player personally

Towny Commands

Basic Towny Information

/t new [name] - Creates a new town, costs 50k

/t here - Shows you the information about the town you're standing in

/t add [resident] - Invites the player to your town

/t join [town name] - If the town is fully public, you will join the town. If it isn't you'll need an invite for this to work.

/t spawn - Teleports you to your town's spawn

/t spawn [name] - Teleports you to any public town you write the name of

Claiming Land

/t claim - Command to claim a wilderness chunk for your town

/t claim outpost - Claims an outpost for the town

/t outpost [number] - Warp to an outpost

/t unclaim - Unclaim a previously claimed area

Money Commands

/t deposit [amount] - Adds your own money to the town's bank

/t withdraw [amount] - Withdraws the town's money into your personal account

Town Customisation

/t rank [add/remove] [name] [rank] - Removes or grants someone in your town a rank

/t set board [message] - Sets the message seen by residents when logging in

/t set mayor [resident] - Gives the status of mayor to the player you name

/t set spawn - Sets the town space, has to be in claimed area

/t set name [name] - Change your town's name

/t set outpost - Sets a town block as an outpost

/t set perm [resident/ally/outsider] [builder/destroy/switch/item-use] [on/off] - Gives specific permissions to build/destroy/switch/item-use in your town.

/t set taxes [number] - Sets the taxes collected from each resident daily. (Also sets percentage if tax-percentage is toggled on).

Towny Toggle Commands

/t toggle explosion - Turns on/off explosions in the town area

/t toggle fire - Turns on/off fire in the town area

/t toggle pvp - Turns on/off pvp in the town area

/t toggle taxpercent - Turn on/off taxing by percent/flatrate

/t toggle public - Turn on/off public ability to /t spawn [name] to your town

/t toggle open - Turn on/off public joining in your town

Plots Plots Plots!

/plot claim - Resident command to personally claim a plot that is for sale.

/plot forsale (or fs) [number] - Sets a plot for sale

/plot notforsale (or nfs) - Cancels the selling of a  plot

/plot set reset - Sets any type of plot back to a normal plot

/plot set shop - Sets a plot to a shop plot

/plot set embassy - Sets a plot to an embassy plot

/plot set arena - Sets  plot to an arena plot

/plot set wilds - Sets plot to a wilds plot

Plot Toggle Commands

/plot toggle fire - Turn on/off firespread in the plot

/plot toggle pvp - Turn on/off pvp in the plot

/plot toggle explosion - Turn on/off explosions in the plot

/plot toggle mobs - Turn on/off hostile mob spawning in the plot

Nation Commands

/n new [name] - Creates a nation, costs 100k

/n deposit [number] - Adds money to the nation

/n withdraw [number] - Withdraws money from the nation

/n [add/remove] [name] [rank] - Grants or removes rank from a resident

/n add [town] - Invites a town to your nation

/n kick [town] - Kicks a town from your nation

/n delete [name] - Deletes your nation

/n set king [name] - Changes the king to whoever you select

/n set capital [town] - Sets the capitol and king of the nation

/n set taxes [number] - Sets nation tax applied to the towns in the nation

/n set [name] - Sets the nation's name
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