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on: May 15, 2019, 11:10:19 PM
We, the staff of Barty Realms, are pleased to announce the official release of Barty Realms Towny 1.14!

The existing server will be brought offline Saturday, May 18 at 8 AM EDT (-4UTC). The server will be offline for approximately 4 hours, and at 12 PM EDT we will be opening the 1.14 world!

Important notes:
- Players will need to connect to the server with the 1.14.1 client.
- Connection address remains

The real reason you're reading this post:

What's changed in Barty Realms 1.14?
No Ranks
No item shop
No nations
Non-vanilla spawners have been removed, there is no Spawner Crate
Donator Ranks 1-4 have been reworked and the perks updated!
Wilderness raiding is allowed!

"Well, that sucks!" "Those are my favorite things!" "What about my perks?" "How will I protect my stuff?"

Great questions! Here's the good stuff:

What's new in Barty Realms 1.14?
Perks are buyable with in-game currency! You no longer have to wait for X rank to get that thing you love! Want all your homes? Buy them all! Maybe you're a job addict? Purchase as many as you want! Need a head start on your mcMMO skills? There's a perk for that! Use /menu and visit the Perk Shop to view them all!
Player shops are back! Instead of having everything available through a server shop, we are encouraging you to carve out your own corner of the market and set up shop outside of spawn! Make sure to read all of the shop information before getting started!
Buyable towny plots! Need more space without inviting more players to town? Now you can buy additional town plots using the money in your town bank. The cost will go up per plot purchased. (Note: it is still much more cost effective to invite players to your town instead!)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Because extra claims are now purchasable, there is no reason to not claim every part of your town, and towns that have fallen to ruin are fair game to all. HOWEVER, toxic behavior will not be tolerated, so do not go around griefing unclaimed builds that are near a town and just haven't gotten around to being claimed yet. Remember to lock all your chests in unclaimed areas with signs!
New donation ranks! These unlock cool cosmetic items and gadgets, as well as some of the cooler perks from the Perk Shop! Existing donators will have their donator rank converted to the equivalent new rank.
New auction house with actual item bidding! The auction house is no longer a glorified player shop, instead, put your items up for bid in a real auction!
Bottled XP!  Bottle up and sell your extra XP! Use command '/xpbottle [amount 25-10000]' to create XP bottles that can be traded, same as any other item.

And last but not least,
Some things that didn't go anywhere, but have changed a bit:
Custom enchants are back! The list has been trimmed down to the essentials and grouped into a single category! No more hunting for the right kind of dust, they will all use the same one!
Vote Keys are still a thing! Don't fret, even though non-natural spawners and spawner keys are gone, you will still be able to vote and get keys for all the other crates!
Naturally-generated spawners can still be silk-touched, and will still stack following the same rules as before.
Jobs and McMMO skills have been completely re-tuned, to provide a better experience and become a valid source of income!
Chest shops are back, but the plugin has changed! Use the command /qs to review all the new shop commands and check out all the great features of the new plugin!
Resource World, Mob Arena, and Parkour will be returning after a break!
And keep an eye out for some new content coming soon!

Come explore all that (and more!) with us on Saturday!

We hope everyone has a fantastic time playing on 1.14! Tell your friends to come play! Join the Panda-monium!