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Some Suggestions For The Server! *UPDATED*

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on: January 26, 2019, 03:41:08 AM
Mob Arenas For Ranks:
I was thinking another thing to be excited for when ranking up would be to explore a new mob arena. Each rank you get to enter a new arena for better loot or join other ranks in the past rank ones.

Another Rank Before Prestiges Come Out:
So there is one key chest left that other ranks dont get daily. The enchant key one. What if there was a rank after ORANOS called like enchanter or something. Rank could cost like 5-10 Million. To make it a challenge before the prestiges.

Server Trailer To Youtubers:
So I used to be apart of a server and one huge way they promoted the server wasn't voting links or discord or anything. They had a trailer made and any youtuber who uploaded it would get a key to get the server out there. They did it like 200 subs would get 1 vote key and 500 subs would get 3.  Would bring alot of attention to the server and youtubers who could potentially record on it for series or streams.

More Mob Arenas:
Ok this one kinda goes with the first one. We just need more. And lower the rewards from the first few. Right now we have 2. Tennis and Colosseum. And the rewards are actually kinda overpowered. 2 Legendary keys... which ive managed to sell for 15k everytime i get to just round 10... any new player could rank up FAST by doing this.

Player Warps:
I wanna see this plugin someone added. But for a certain rank to get access to. Its a plugin where a player can make a custom warp which players then can use to travel to someones shop. Or grinders etc. Its huge on skyblock and survival servers. But only make it 1 warp per person. It would be different from the server warps cause it will be pwarp i believe. Some servers even have it to where you do /pwarp and it shows all the different warps from players. I think this would be a cool way to do a fast travel thing with towns. Instead of having to tp or walk to towns for shops.

Town Levels:
Similar to skyblock islands. Towns have levels. The more rarer blocks or spawners on the town claims increases the towns levels. Making players want to build ALOT more.

Fly For Ingame Money Or Chests:
Have a way to get /fly from spending like 25 Million in game. Or out of a enchant chest and have it called like fly scroll where it gives u perm /fly. But SUPER rare to get. Players could then sell that scroll if they already have it. I saw a server do this and it worked out well.

Supply Drops At Wilderness Spawn:
Some servers have a supply systems where every hour chests randomly appear around spawn in the wilderness area and they contain stuff... keys, items, etc.  Would make people go to wilderness spawn alot more and create community events for every to meet up there every hour for the supply drops and loot.

Boss Eggs:
You can buy boss eggs which spawns a boss and you must kill it. Similar to the mob arena bosses but you can spawn him into survival and kill him and he drops loot. Would be another thing players could save up for.

On a server I played awhile back. They had a thing called mobcoins. Which was a new currency you could only get by killing mobs. Which you could then use to buy certain things. In game money, /fly, Etc. So It made players wanna create mob grinders more. Created a cool black market for mobcoins to. Players could sell them to other players.

Player XP Bottles:
There is a plugin where people can do /xpbottle and the amount of xp they want to put in it... for safe storage or selling to other players. Would be great for grinders and mining and such.
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Reply #1 on: January 31, 2019, 01:26:13 PM
Towny servers are essentially survival servers. The only way people stay on the server is if they continue to give themselves tasks to do. Almost all the top players have stopped playing survival and have either started boring, monotonous tasks (like building huge farms) or have quit. That's just the nature of survival Minecraft - if you aren't interested in building, redstone, or some other thing, you'll eventually get bored. Unless some sort of end game is added, the top players will quit and be replaced by new players. Adding a ton of new content will only delay the inevitable unless something huge is done, and I think the only option for towny is through prestiges or through heavily emphasizing building.