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Information - Cosmetics

What is Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are fun visual only things that only paid packages can obtain. Cosmetics range from pets that follow you around to music that is playable by your own personal DJ! The paid packages are the only way currently to obtain the large number of cosmetics available. Cosmetics give little to no gameplay advantage and are purely for fun. The paid package store can be found here.

Section 1: List of Commands

  • /cosmetics - Open the overall cosmetics menu
  • /miniatures - Open the miniatures menu
  • /particles - Open the particle effects menu
  • /arrows - Open the arrow effects menu
  • /deatheffects - Open the death effects menu
  • /balloons - Open the balloons menu
  • /music - Open the music menu
  • /gadgets - Open the gadgets menu
  • /pets - Open the pets menu
  • /banners - Open the banners menu
  • /mounts - Open the mounts menu