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Information - General

What else is there?

There are many plugins on the server that change how things work but do not significantly fall within their own category. Their commands and functions are listed here.

Section 1: Vanilla Deviations

PartyRealms is not a vanilla server. We have many mechanics that heavily modify how vanilla mechanics work. Below is a list of all of the changes that we have made to vanilla mechanics in the name of balance and lag prevention.

  • Villagers/wandering traders have been completely disabled
  • Spawn limits for all monsters and animals have been slightly lowered
  • Pigmen cannot spawn from nether portals
  • Collisions have been disabled
  • Hoppers move items every 8 ticks
  • 0 tick farms do not work
  • Various exploits and dupes do not work
  • 25 monsters/animals can be in a chunk at once
  • 48 hoppers can be placed per chunk
  • Piglin bartering is disabled
  • Phantoms do not attack you if you are holding a torch
  • Chickens will retaliate upon being attacked
  • Fox types can be changed with a tulip
  • Cats, chickens, cows, foxes, mooshrooms, ocelots, pandas, pigs, polar bears, sheep, snow golems, and wolves are rideable
  • Totem of undying works from anywhere in your inventory
  • Farmland can be hydrated from water blocks below the farmland
  • Mending has been completely removed
  • Endermen are shorter
  • Various minor things. More will be added in the future.

Section 2: List of Commands

  • /bottle - Bottle up your experience
  • /menu - Open the PartyRealms menu
  • /rules - Check the rules
  • /help - Link to the help page
  • /achievements - Open the achievements menu and track your progress
  • /perks - Open the perks shop, where you can buy various perks
  • /warp - Open the warps menu
  • /prefix - Open the prefix manager, where you can select what prefix you are wearing
  • /kits - Open the kits menu
  • /discord - Link to our Discord server
  • /website - Link to our website
  • /bans - Link to our punishments page, listed publicly
  • /map - Link to a dynamic map of the world
  • /colors - List of the available color codes for your nickname
  • /moneymaking - Link to the moneymaking guide
  • /tutorial - Link to the server tutorial
  • /msg [player] - Directly message a player
  • /r - Reply to the last person who messaged you
  • /craft - Open a crafting table (perk required)
  • /hat - Put the item in your hand on your head (perk required)
  • /home - Teleport to your home or open your homes menu
  • /sethome - Set a home
  • /nick [nick] - Set your nickname (perk required)
  • /pweather [sun/rain] - Change the weather only for you (perk required)
  • /ec - Opens your ender chest (perk required)
  • /trash - Open a trash can, items put in here will be deleted when closed (perk required)
  • /ptime [time] - Change the time only for you (perk required)
  • /back - Teleport to where you just were (perk required)
  • /tfly - Fly within your town borders (perk required)
  • /mail - Manage or send mail to other players
  • /position - Check your position and what world you are in