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Information - PlayerShops

What is PlayerShops?

PlayerShops allow you to create your own shops to buy/sell to/from other players! It is very simple to create a shop, simply shift left click on a chest while holding the item you wish to buy or sell. Then, follow the prompts that you are given in chat and you will have your very own player shop! Player shops can be set up anywhere. Be sure to protect the land in your shop by claiming it through Towny, to prevent any grief.

Section 1: List of Commands

  • /qs fetchmessage - Fetch unread shop messages
  • /qs buy - Set a shop to buy mode
  • /qs find [item] - Find nearby shops of a specific type
  • /qs remove - Remove a player shop
  • /qs sell - Set a shop to sell mode
  • /qs price - Change the buy/sell price of a shop
  • /qs staff - Manage your shop's staff