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Information - Starter Guide

Welcome to PartyRealms!

You are probably wondering: "What do I do on this server"?

So many have asked this question before.

Do not worry! This guide will quickly bring you up to speed on our server.

Section 1: First Steps

Your first goal should be to either join a town or create one. Creating a town is free and if you decide you want to start your own check out Section 3, or do /town new [name] when you have found a place you want to settle down at. Then check here for a list of Towny commands that will be useful for managing your town. If you want to join another town, you should ask around, check /ads, or read the #town-adverts channel on Discord to find a town that is perfect for you.

After this, you need to start earning money. Money can be earned in a variety of ways, but the main method is through Jobs. A guide for Jobs can be found here. Additional money making methods can be found here. Resources can be gathered in the Resource World, which can be accessed through /warp.

Section 2: Gearing Up

Next, your goals will just be to play normal Minecraft survival. Find diamonds, get some good gear, and make some more money along the way. From here, you have a few options. You can either continue to work with your town and help grow it, or start your own. We recommend you stay in a town as it is much easier to play without having to manage a town. Consider setting up a player shop, finding rare items through voting, bidding on rare items in auction, or continuing to play normally.

Section 3: Starting a Town

So you have decided to start a town. First, you must leave your current town if you are in one and find a location to start your town. Once you are there, type /town new [name]. This will create a town and claim the area in which you are standing. Your first task should be to deposit enough money to cover your daily town upkeep. A town with one person has an upkeep of $200 every day. Use /town deposit [amount] to put the money into your town. We recommend putting a minimum of 7 days worth of upkeep to prevent accidental destruction of your town. If your town falls, you will have to bring it back by typing /town reclaim while standing inside your ruined town. You can earn more claims by inviting people to your town, joining a nation, or buying more with /town buy bonus [amount]. Lastly, claim some land for your town by typing /town claim when standing in the chunk you wish to claim. The land must be attached to the rest of your town's land.

That's it! You should have a good understanding of how the server works. You can learn more by returning to the info page and exploring other info pages on the various features the server has.