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Information - Image Map Perk

What is the Image Map Perk?

The Image Map Perk is a paid perk, purchasable on our server store here. The Image Map Perk allows you to turn any direct image link (PNG, JPG, etc.) into a map instantly! Maps are 128 x 128 pixels each, so if you use an image larger than it, the image will be split into multiple maps that are automatically put in.

You simply place the map in the bottom left corner of an item frame and it will fill out the rest. If there are not enough item frames, the you will be notified. Shift left click on the bottom left corner of a larger image map to remove it all at once.

We highly recommend you edit images to be in increments of 128 pixels on both the height and width so it fills out the entire item frame! Feel free to sell these image maps to other players, you can do whatever you want with them as long as they are not NSFW and follow our rules. You can create as many image maps as you want. More information can be found at the store page.


Section 1: List of Commands

  • /tomap [URL] - Create an map with the provided image URL