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Information - Custom Items

What are Custom Items?

Custom items are items that are unique to BartyRealms that you cannot find anywhere else! We have spent a lot of time creating a system where we can add items that do not exist in vanilla Minecraft that add much more depth and detail than you will find anywhere else! Below you can find a list of all of our custom items, their recipes, and their functions.

Section 1: List of Custom Items & Recipes


Scythes are a great way to efficiently farm. They break farmable objects at the same rate as an axe, but will not break crops that are not fully grown! Scythes are very useful if you do not want to wait for your entire wheat field to grow fully.


A french delicacy.

Emerald Tools

Emerald Tools come fully enchanted automatically and each piece has 7,500 durability. They are essentialy Diamond Tools with all enchants and 7,500 durability.

Emerald Armor

Emerald Armor comes fully enchanted automatically and each piece has 7,500 durability. They are essentially Diamond Armor with all enchants and 7,500 durability.


Sieves allow you to sift through various blocks to gather harder to get materials. A list of all blocks and their respective materials can be found below. Wooden Sieves have 100 durability and Iron Sieves have 750 durability. Iron Sieves also have a 5% boost to sieve chances.

  • Gravel
    • Gunpowder - 12.5%
    • Flint - 12.5%
    • Gravel - 50%

Meteor Armor

Meteor Armor is crafted from the heart of a meteor. It protects better than Netherite and has many enchants including Protection V. 15,000 durability.

Meteor Tools

Meteor Tools are crafted from the heart of a meteor. They are better than netherite tools in every way. Efficiency X. 15,000 durability.

Meteorite Stick

Meteorite Sticks are used to craft meteor equipment because a regular stick would not be able to support the sheer power of the meteor.

Meteorite Ore

Found in the heart of a meteor.

Meteorite Stone

Makes up the majority of a meteor. No use besides looking pretty sleek.

Meteorite Ingot

Meteorite Ingots are obtained from smelting meteorite ore and can be used to craft various meteor related items.

Meteorite Block

Meteorite Blocks are crafted from meteorite ingots and are used purely for decoration purposes.


Used to estimate when the next meteor will strike the Resource World. Right click to check.

Nightvision Goggles

Grants you the unnatural ability to see in the dark.

Bottomless Buckets

They never run out of liquid!

Demon Heart

The heart of the nightmare. Obtained by defeating the Nightmare boss. Find out how to fight him by talking to the Mysterious Traveler at spawn.