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Towny Information

What is Towny?

Towny is a land claiming plugin that lets you create towns and claim land with them. Towns add an entirely new layer of gameplay to the server. Towns can be sources of political drama, the birthplace of an economic empire, or even a regional power that has plans to rule the world. There are endless possibilities, but the primary purpose of Towny is to protect your land from outsiders. You have full control of the land that your town has claimed, and you can modify the permissions of your town, sell portions of your land to your residents to live on, have embassies built on your land from other towns, create farms, etc.

Nations are collections of towns that have decided to work together. Nations offer a bonus of 100 claims to every town in the nation. However, nation upkeep is very steep compared to towns. Towns and nations are costly to make, and if you are new, we suggest you join one and learn how towns work before diving into creating one of your own.

Section 1: Upkeep and Costs

As stated above, towns and nations are expensive. Towns cost $40,000 to create and Nations cost $250,000 to create. The upkeep for nations is $5,000 per town in the nation. The upkeep for towns can be found below. Land does not cost anything to claim. You can purchase more claims by typing /town buy bonus [amount]. Bonus claims cost $12,500 per claim, to a maximum of 200 bonus claims. Lastly, overclaiming is when you have claimed more land than you have claims available. This can happen when a player leaves your town and your town downgrades or if you leave your nation. The cost is $250 per overclaim per day to prevent abuse.

Section 2: Town and Nation Ranks

Town Ranks

Nation Ranks

Section 3: Commands

Below is a list of all Towny related commands and their functions. If you need more help, ask in chat or create a ticket in the #support-tickets channel on Discord.

Towny Commands

Plot Commands

Town Commands

Nation Commands
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