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Yo dude sorry I posted the summary on ban appeals.
11 days ago

Hey! I just want to let you know that CrystalGreen3 (female) and Kxib (male) will sometimes play together from the same IP address. We are siblings. Thank you! CG3
17 days ago

Thanks for letting us know!
17 days ago

Hey Barty idk if this is the forms for ban appeal but I was assumed the I was using x ray from Nikkii I really love the realm server I got introduced by it from my big brother who plays the realm as well. His usdr is straybullets mine in lethalhits I got permbanned for listening and looki ng for caves while strip mining I do not hack, I do not x ray i strip mine and sometimes get really lucky i am really sad that I got perm banned... Barty may you unban me? I have proof I dont hack or x ray
20 days ago

Unbanned. Please use the proper punishment appeal forum section next time.
19 days ago

about 1 month ago
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The issue is not the chest locking plugin. We are not sure if we should fix this, as it would cause more lag. Don't let people place hoppers under your chests, maybe.
about 1 hour ago

You have bee warned, muted, kicked, and banned multiple times in the past. You also bypassed your mute as soon as you were muted (which was for toxicity/insulting staff members severely). You were even banned from our Discord for arguing/appealing your ban in DMs to the staff member that banned you. You proceeded to hurl insults at the staff member, which led to a permanent ban. Appeal denied.
about 1 hour ago

I was wrong. To remove the assistant, outlaw them. This should fix it. Sorry.
15 hours ago

1. Not really something we can fix unfortunately. 2. Yes you can. You must demote him from being an assistant. 3. That was fixed. We were fixing issues with the queue server.  
16 hours ago

You are responsible for everything that happens on your account. Your punishment has been reduced to 7 days from now.
1 day ago