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14 days ago
Add crossbow to mob arena

It might be possible to use infinity on the crossbow via commands and kits. I think when added via commands it should work as well.

Anyway I like this suggestion :)

14 days ago
Resource World

We are looking into the resource world, and hope the chunkloading will be fixed when Mojang rolls out 1.14.4

For now we have expanded the world border and feel confident about the main world to have enabled /wild again.

14 days ago
Alchemy XP gain

I was about to get started on an McMMO guide explaining the ins and outs of all the skills, but I had to take an unforseen personal leave. Will start work on it tomorrow, so keep your eye out for it ^^


14 days ago
Can't create chest shop

The link you have given seems to get a 404 error.

you can always shift left click on a chest (I think it was) to get a chat prompt asking you for how much you want to sell the item in your hand

28 days ago
Can we keep Barty Realms non political

Given that rule 5 is ‘Do not be toxic!’ I can see how this post will be skirting close to the razors edge, but I’m legitly curious if we can discriminate based on identity, sexuality, and If so how far can this go? Will the Ideas of equality be provided to both sides of an political spectrum? Can we expect ban appeals of 1488 memes, or swastikas now? I have come to minecraft to escape the screeching of identity politics, not to see people embracing them.

As of the examples you have given her for reason for ban appeals and how you have come to Minecraft to escape the stuff from political identity, I would recommend you try joining the 2b2t server. Because that server is completely free of rules what so ever.

We don't tolerate discrimination of any kind, but the occasional close to the edge joke should be fine in my opinion. Personally, I love that kind of dark humour. Just don't overdo it. There are some things you will get instantly banned for, other stuff gets you a warning first. This also depends on which staff members happen to be online.

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