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3 months ago
Just asking - For Staff

I have been banned for x-raying and have left an abundant amount of stuff in my base, I would like to ask for all the items to be burnt and for my whole base to be destroyed, I can't bear the feeling of knowing that someone might take all my stuff, if there are any staff reading this, go to Trailer_Park (it's public) and demolish every single bit of it, don't leave a single trace of my existence behind, please, this is all I ask.

4 months ago
Ban Appeal (I've changed my name from revolvo to Drannol btw)

Ban Reason : Stealing

I only stole because it said on the Discord announcement channel that raiding was permitted in the Wild. To my information, the location in which I proceeded to "steal" from wasn't contained in any town borders. This was all just a misunderstanding on my part and I would prefer to get unbanned but that's your decision and I can't force you to comply. ~revolvo / Drannol

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