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4 months ago
Could we not?

Could we... not? 
How is this any proof that Spruceberry griefed you? For all I know, it could've been one of your members needing Spruce wood and was farming it outside the town. Could we like... not use Questionable cause Fallacies to throw shade at each other? The "Proof" you put up didn't prove anything. Why didn't you hover over the outpost to see who owned it? How can you be sure it's ours? For all I know, it could've been one of your co-mayors that accidentally claimed it. How about we actually stop this petty finger-pointing fight and just coexist peacefully on the server? 

4 months ago
A large rework of staff members, and better and indepth rules.

1) PuppyNomNomKing was not the one that muted Nyanko. Get it right please :) Fact check before posting on the internet!

2) Your screenshot does not prove anything because Nyanko could of said something toxic earlier up in chat and you didn't capture it. Not saying you tried to hide the truth or if that's even the truth, but one simple screenshot does not prove that her mute was unjustified. You should ask the mod/admin (BTW is not PuppyNomNomKing) who muted him/her for the reason of their mute.

3) Funny how you ask for no griefing within 2 chunks of town border but the members of your alliance legitimately grief 1 chunk right next to our border. 


4 months ago
To prove a point of fixing your staff.

I can't believe people can be this dense.

1) The thing exploded was outside town border, which means it's outside the town WHICH MEANS it's in the Wild, so the grief is not bannable. (Btw, funny how you're whining about your "town" being griefed when you've blown up near our town too, pretty damn pathetic of you)

2)CalamityGodZeus isn't PuppyNomNomKing, do some fact check before you type anything remotely idiotic in the internet. He wasn't the one muting you.
3) The muting happened today on the 13th of July EST (when _Nyanko_Sensei_ was banned) Whereas the picture of Dank_Stego spamming was yesterday (12th of July EST). The no-toxicity policy was enforced on the 13th so i'll let you guess why he wasn't muted. 

Sincerely, The dude that is sick and tired of your hypocrisy. For someone that wants the toxicity and passive aggressiveness to stop, you sure are doing a good job buddy :)

4 months ago
Stackable Pots


5 months ago
Re-enable guardian spawning

I for one think that guardians are a waste of server resources. +1 For well-written complaint though.

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