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8 days ago
/tfly outside of town.

If you claim and unclaim a chunk you can fly forever in all chunks

13 days ago
Tridant disappeared after playing Mob-Arena

It seems like my Tridant disappeared after playing Mob-Arena, would love to get it checked. Unsure how it could've happened, but ye.

13 days ago
Perks-Shop is wrong.

The "Riches" key give you the Legendary keys, while "Rarities" gives you the Rare keys, making the Legendary keys cheaper than rare keys.

16 days ago
Shulkers cant be broken with custom pick, still gives XP .

When attempting to pick up my shulker boxes, the boxes just pop back up.
With this, it allows me to break it over and over, giving me free XP thru the Experience custom enchant.



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