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Not really much point when you can just role play it 
8 days ago

Hello! I would like to suggest a new feature to the server! This feature would be a help chat becuase I have seen the amout of questions within the general chat and it would be alot easier to have a help chat for staff and for players becuase you can identify and solve the constant questions flowing in chat. This would be under the command /hc like the other ways of chat such as local,town,nation and global  
8 days ago

10 days ago

I Agree with alot of these features but as you said some people will not want to participate within wars and adding a "10% McMMO leveling & effect boost and 5% Extra money from jobs" is a very very poor idea as these two features are incredibly infulencal so much so that people would enable war mode for only these bonus and nothing else admittly only a suggestion for a possible reward system. I think the bounty idea would serve alot better for war mode and possibly scaling the longer you are in war mode for the more "rewards" there is    I also would like to suggest something ontop of your idea on 1.13 there was a command to remove yourself from the dynmap for war mode something like that could be forced onto the player making them invis on the map making it more "RP" becuase the dynmap would be used for tracking people    The Major problem that isnt exactly clear to the general consideration of PVP is Commiunty becuase of the nature of player verus player divisions will form rules will be broken arguments had and friendships broken just by the fact that pvp is against one another We saw this in 1.14 (Reef vs SpruceBerry) and we see it now with norway so this should be considered majorly aswell. -Cactus Your old friend
10 days ago

the prices of homes and auction slots are very high being the same as xp boost as far as i can tell with 80 -> 160k this makes perfect sense for xp boost but for homes and auction slots it is not worth it at all! the price i think should be reduced alot but if i am wrong if you think it is worth this much 
17 days ago