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4 months ago

-1 because of the way nations work with you getting more claims the people/towns are in it it would lead to a supernation with everyone in with massive claims and there would be no competition between nations as there would be only one with every town in it unless a cap was put on how many towns can be in nation I would not recommend this idea

Furthermore this would also promote small towns as the barrier for making one is that they don't have many claims but if they are in a nation they could have a lot more claims for basically nothing

5 months ago
Builder Job incomplete

The job is suppose to reward you for building with some materials but you do not get money for some of these materials such as the end blocks/stones (this is becuase end is not in yet but it will soon will be) and the smoothstone stuff like the block smooth_stone and smooth_stone_slab as it is my main money source the builder job should be getting money from these furthermore the blast furance and other newer blocks like this do not give money either 

-Cactus of the railway

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