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3 months ago
Could we not?

Last night, SoCalMeg along with some other mods rollback a road that had been blown up in our city. The road extended only 2 blocks off of our property, and still, somebody very deliberately destroyed it with a rather large amount of TNT. (The TNT was revealed during the rollbacks)


Furthermore, the fields outside of our city to the west were heavily griefed. TNT stripped away the dirt, and what little dirt was left on the hills had mostly been turned to podzol. As you may know, the grass is converted to podzol when a large spruce tree is grown on the land. Spruce trees are of course the main symbol of Spruceberry. (Picture below, although most of the damage has been cleaned up, the exposed stone and messy sand is an eyesore left behind by the griefing attack)


While we have gotten rid of much of the damage to our west and claimed what little was unclaimed, the damages can still be seen to our north. (See below)


Until today we only had the Spruces to go off of for who could be behind the attach until today, when a Spruceberry outpost appeared, clearly built to halt our southern expansion. (see below)


Whether this is a rogue Spruceberry citizen doing this or not, it's clear that Spruceberry is involved in it. It's quite upsetting to see a city headed up by a moderator allow this sort of attack. We work hard to make our city as pretty as possible, but these attacks on what is clearly occupied land are quite toxic. I hope we can work something out to prevent any future conflict or hostility.


-Mudkip Mayor of Harbor City


4 months ago
Event Horse race

We were actually planning on doing a horse race too, however, we didn't think any town wanted to participate. If your Horse Race goes on, Harbor City is very willing to participate and contribute to the festivities  

4 months ago
WorldEdit and the Road System

Hey, I was wondering about if we could get some help about a large problem, a large cobblestone problem. TWRphantom said he has already spoken to (Fayn?) about this issue and he said he could get rid of it. If anyone can it would really help us, we paid the guy 50k to move elsewhere and he did, he hasn't been online in a week. Picture of Cobble made by water and lava pyramid below  


  Also on the subject of WorldEdit, does anyone know who is doing the road system from spawn to the major towns? I really like the idea and wish that HC could be connected too! However, Harbor City is an Island and to make this extension by hand would take major time and resources. In the following graphic, I show three potential routes that could connect other nearby towns.


   Route 1 from the now defunct SummerIsle, would be the easiest but least connecting, route 2 is more direct than 3, 3 is less intrusive to other cities on the mainland etc. 


  Anyway, I know this a lot to ask for but it would really help my city grow and become more livelier. Also, that Cobblestone pyramid is really annoying to look at. Please let me know if any of this is possible

Thanks, -Mudkip 

4 months ago
Isometric Mode for Dynmap

   Now I don't know the current situation with plugins, with all the mc updates and so forth. However, I purpose that an isometric view on the dynmap is added at the earliest convenience. (for all who don't know what that means, it's this

vs. the top down view that we have now on the dynmap.)

    Most servers I've been on have had this projection as a basic feature of their dynmap.

Idk if the reason for its exclusion is technical, lag prevention, or to prevent discovery of pre-generated content like temples and shipwrecks (a majority of which have already been discovered and raided).

Regardless, I would like to see this feature return if at all possible for we have so many beautiful towns on this server that no one gets to see in game (disabled town spawns) no less from the air. Let me know what you think whenever ya read it. (hopefully, the answer is not like nations another odd exclusion already discussed).



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