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about 1 month ago
Lost custom enchant when trying to combine vanilla enchants+ce

Thought I could combine the 2 with the ce on the other sword but I guess I couldn't??? I combined them thinking that the inquis 4 would still be there after because maybe ce's don't appear in the final product of the anvil.






about 1 month ago
Small Towny Changes That Can Make A Huge Difference

-Disable 30-day inactivity kick within the town. This will cause top towns to fall and regaining the members that are inactive will be a pain. Claiming will be almost impossible and it's just unnecessary to have this in a small towny server or in a towny server in general.

-Enable nations. I don't understand why Towny 2 has nations and Towny 1 doesn't. When Towny 1 clearly has more active players than Towny 2. Enabling nations would only help the server grow even more. 

-Decrease the price of /t buy bonus # from 100k -> 50k/25k. 

2 months ago
Endermites keep despawning even it has a nametag

it seems like nametags don't prevent endermites from spawning and they despawn after 2 mins of being spawned in via enderpearl.

2 months ago

+1 Nations would be lit

2 months ago
End portal frame (permanent ban)

I will say the same thing as I did on my reply for quindariousG's & iSleepy's  appeal here since the situation is exactly the same. 

There was no harm in this "item exploit" and a permanent ban is absurd. He just got free end portal frames from a BUG and only used it for building/decoration purposes with no harm done. You should be unbanned soon, a perm ban is just fucking ridiculous. A ban in general for this little thing is just dumb. 

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