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I kill them for fun already so don't worry.
22 hours ago

Pickaxe/Shovel/Axe- Efficiency 7 Unbreaking V/X Fortune  V Armor- Prot V+ Unbreaking V+ Sword/Battle Axe- Sharpness 7/10  Unbreaking V Elytra Unbreaking V/X Fishing Rod Luck of the sea V Unbreaking V Shield Unbreaking X Shears Unbreaking X Blaze Rod Fire Aspect V Raw Porkchop Knockback V/X   How to obtain these items? Through Vote Crates or Another key that you can get from a vote crate to open up a crate of these items, purchasable with in-game money or you can earn them by getting 1000 mcmmo from a certain skill like you get the pickaxe for mining, a shovel for digging and axe for woodcutting and etc...      
1 day ago

-Helps players focus on building their towns and just have a fun time on the server while they play casually. -Decrease the amount of time staff has to help players get their stuff back -Decrease the amount of players leaving the server due to their stuff getting wiped -Increase the overall gameplay of the server    #BringBackKeepInv   If I'm missing any good reasons why we should have keep inv/are against it make sure to leave a response :p    
3 days ago

Get rid of /ads or enforce some rules in using /ads and advertise the use of /ads more so more people are aware of it or delete the plugin and add a trade chat like old barty.
6 days ago