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11 days ago
/warp => Nether still goes to old nether spawn location

Using /warp and then clicking on nether still warps u to the former nether location for the public nether portal. The portal at spawn goes to the new location just fine.

12 days ago
Put panda eggs in common chest

Yes I know they're useless, but they're so cute and I want a couple for my town. Problem is the nearest bamboo jungle is hundreds of blocks away and they move so slow. I know this might be the case for others as well, so I suggest panda spawn eggs are put in the common chest along with all the other animal spawn eggs


12 days ago
Take down shops of perm-banned people

While exploring shops today I noticed PHISEA's shop was still up even though he had been perm banned a few days ago. I asked why this was and was told shops have to tick down until they expire, even if the person was perm banned. This doesn't make sense to me because a person could rent out a plot for a long time if they have enough money and then get banned and it would take forever their shop to expire. Ergo, I suggest plots of perm banned people are taken down either once they are perm banned. Even if they appeal and get approved, this would be another form of punishment for them for whatever they did. That or have plot expire a week after they have been perm banned, so that if they decide to appeal and get approved they will still have their shop. and if they dont appeal or dont get approved their shop will have been freed up more quickly for the next person to use.

16 days ago
/e preview menu does not show demonic lifesteal

When looking at the menu that shows you what possible enchants you can get from a custom enchant book, it does not list demonic lifesteal. Also, can you please make a change to this menu so that custom enchants are listed in alphabetical order? It's annoying when you're trying to figure out what a particular enchant does or what level it goes up to and you have to hover over each one to find the one ur looking for.

18 days ago
More chat modes

a /name chat would also be very useful, so u dont have to repeatedly use /pm if ur constantly talking to someone not near u


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