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3 months ago
Could we not?

This had nothing to do with Spruceberry, by your logic, whenever someone places water it MUST be someone from harbour city. I have told everyone from Spruceberry that griefing close to town borders will not be tolerated. 

Thanks for the hit piece though. Very cool.


Also quick edit: Pretty sure that outpost doesn't belong to us, I claim all outposts, we dont have any outposts near your town.

3 months ago
A statement about toxicity on Barty Realms.

Hello everyone! 


The server over the last few days has been... something else, and i've seen a lot of hate towards some towns, i'd like to make a statement about this toxicity. 

I'd like to remind you all that this is a minecraft server, a minecraft server that we all love and that we all enjoy, that being said, it is easy to get heated in the moment if you see something you don't like, I understand this. But calling out any specific town for any reason isn't acceptable. It's great to have friendly rivalries, it's great to have a bit of banter, but when it gets to the point that the whole server is ganging up on a group of people, not in good faith, then it becomes a problem. 

Statements like "Remove [town name] they're causing lag. A prime example of this is the near constant stream of "Scumberry". Now I only use this as an example because I am the owner of Spruceberry so it's an easy example for me to use. 

This isn't, in my opinion, acceptable, toxicity towards each other is a punishable offence, so by extent, so should toxicity towards a group of people.  Another example of this is the toxicity towards "Gaybourhood" 


I think I speak for a large majority of players when I say this, toxicity isn't welcome on Barty Realms, we're all friends here, please keep it that way.


Thank you for reading this everyone, please be good to each other and try to have fun. 

3 months ago
Stackable Pots

Hello, I'd like to suggest making potions stackable, at the moment making Potions can be a pain in the ass because potions take up so much room. If pots were made into stacks of 16, I think it would make the overall experience a lot better.

Thanks for reading


4 months ago
A voting system for restarts

I think having a /voterestart system would be pretty cool, so when the server is lagging, we don't have to wait for the restart or for barty to restart it manually. 

It'd be handy.


Thanks for reading.

4 months ago
Re-enable guardian spawning

+1 for sure. Great points were made here, all while staying calm. Good job :)