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about 1 month ago
Multiverse Plugin?

LitterGrabber suggested the multiverse plugin be used for multiple dimensions. They said it's easier to reset. I'm unsure of any other features regarding the plugin however.

2 months ago
Possible "No siege-claiming" rule?

I'm concerned over the possibility of towns now being able to claim side-by-side. This may allow the potential to surround a target town, which would consequently besiege the targetted town in the process and prohibit growth. It's considered a troll, and it causes unfair gameplay for the players in the victimized town.
This issue can lead to conflict and chaos in the server unless some form of restriction or rule is made to avoid this. I'm unsure of the actual term, but I dubbed it "siege-claiming" or "claim-siegeing."

That being said, I was wondering if it were possible to add a rule that would prevent players from a different town or nation from besieging another town via claiming and surrounding the victim town to where they can no longer expand. 

3 months ago
In Memory of GoodNeighbor( Town idea)

Like an Atlantic city? Wouldn't that require a lot of glass and air bubbles though? :/

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