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about 1 month ago
Telepathy fail

On my plot at 984/63/3045 I placed a player head (one of Siltric's Halloween ones) and a shulker full of goodies. I used a pick with Telepathy to get them up and both disappeared. xEpicFail came to investigate and found that when certain blocks were placed and picked with telepathy, they vanished. He tried my pick on a sandstone wall and anvil. The anvil was fine but the wall disappeared. 

My shulker full of things and the head were visible in the block logs but we were unable to get them back. We think Telepathy is pretty buggy and I hope someone could either find a way to retrieve my lost items from the location history, fix telepathy, or remove it all together so this doesn't happen by accident to someone else. 

Thanks for any help or info! You're appreciated <3 

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