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7 days ago
Reply to faynman

I will admit that I have used xray once or twice on other servers and I think twice at the begening of joining this one, and I know that was a stupid thing to do and I am very guilty of doing it. At the time I wasn't thinking and relized that it would look bad if i did it again, I did do it again... It was my favourite serverive ever really been on, nice community, amazing staff, and friendly in gereral... Please give me another chance faynman.......

14 days ago

Hey, I was banned by itroLLxEpicFail for X-raying cause i was digging down a staircase and was lucky enough to find diamonds, the next time i went a bit further and dug another staircase down and nothing was there so i desided to dig around. Guess What I found diamonds, i was rlly happy and desided to do /home and went to my town. Right when i got there i moved and then got kicked off. I thought it was for spam or caps by accident, but no it was for X-raying???? I wish someone would beleive me but no one will...... maybe i could be banned for like a week to a month instead just because no one believes me.... I just dont think its fare being banned for something i didnt do.... If not its fine, thst server is just me most favourite server i have on my computer right now, i barly play anything else... if a staff could please review this it would be awesome... Everyone have an amazing day!...

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