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5 months ago
Raiding in the "Wilderness", please Allow it

There is merit to both sides of this argument. I think there is a lot of fun that is taken out of a towny server when the wilderness is protected from griefing, but it is important for the health of the server that players who choose to live in the wilderness or are transitioning between towns or starting their own should have some protection.

That being said, I think the border of the world should be expanded to a size much more suitable to hundreds of players. Having only a couple thousand blocks in each direction around spawn available limits players' ability to be nomadic. I think having a large world allows for players and towns to spread out more, and nomads are less likely to be found in a larger wilderness, giving them more protection. While they would have more protection, it would not be guaranteed. I think guaranteed protection should only be towns that pay rent.

With that argument in mind, it is my understanding that the reason the server has a world border is to reduce the amount of lag that results from recent versions of Minecraft. Therefore, I think we will have to wait until more stable versions of the game are released to make this a reality.

I also disagree with water/lava griefing that makes the world ugly.



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5 months ago
Help Menu Missing Some Information

I'm not very familiar with custom enchantments as I've only been on the server for a week or so, but I looked in the /help menu and the "Custom Enchantment Info" option doesn't seem to do anything when clicked. I don't know if it does something in the background or not, but it doesn't pull up any menus or chat information. This same behavior also applies to the "MobArena Info" option, the "Server Info" option, and the "Rules" option.


I've been told that the server is relatively new along with the latest Minecraft version, so it shouldn't surprise me that plugin developers haven't yet integrated everything yet.

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