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6 days ago
Very Confusing Ban Appeal :(

Before you read, you should get some popcorn, actually, you should get a LOT of popcorn. You are in for a rollercoaster.

Yes, I, less than three days ago, finished my temporary ban for griefing, and I come back to my house griefed. As per the rules, during this very unfortunate period of time, of which I could not move my loot (and irvineboy's loot [like 20 double chests full]), I come back to everything gone, besides the tools in my inventory. After trying to look on the bright side for about an hour, I decided to make the best of it and just play as we did from the start, back to square one (almost). With this new introduction of taking loot, I decided to try it myself, get some stuff back or at least stuff to start us off. After some time running/using a boat, I discovered this lootable, almost meant to be, village, where I could break blocks and open chests without signs. Even some of the chests WITH signs could be opened, due to the fact that the owners had shown inactivity on the server. While about half of the chests I found were as I stated, some needed a bit more help. I asked Islayia, one with privileges to remove the signs off the chests, and she helped me get many of the chests open. It was only after we stepped outside when she realized this home was her old, 2nd home (I believe), in this “ghost town” known as Norphond. It was cool to see the memories and her old house, she even let me take some of the building blocks :) Anyways, the next day, I come back to the village, having set one of my “homes” here, and ask another mod/admin if they could help we take down more chests in this fairly large village. Before we go on, I would like to say I have NOT and will NOT lie, or shift the facts of my story even the slightest, I want to tell it from my perspective, yet as unbiased as I possibly can. To continue, I ask GodKingWeeb to help and he checks out the place and says that this is “claimed land”, or something along those lines. He decides not to help me, and we part ways from then. Much later, I decided to go back into the village and try to ask a different mod, Frisk, if he could help me break the signs. My logic here was, why did he not let me but Isla did? Anyways, Frisk goes on and breaks down the signs of two chests, and I loot them as he said he had to go. I thank him and think, it’s no problem, I can ask a different mod. After Frisk left, I ask ANOTHER different mod, Noobz, to help me. He does as I ask, and even says, “You are good at finding these”. He goes offline after breaking many of the chests, but there are still a few more. I then ask GodKingWeeb if he could help me, and he teleports to my location. He says that same thing, that this is the same place, and he could not help me. I tell him that other mods have helped me already, and he says he is going to have to temporary ban me. I tell him that I can break the floor, the walls, everything but the chests. I tell him to do /seen j8ke156, who I found had been offline for 25 days, but he still ends up banning me, and even my friend irvineboy. His reason? “Griefing in claims is not allowed” So, to recap, we got banned for griefing after we had been griefed during my temp ban from griefing, which was because I griefed before the griefing rules took place. I hope this is all a big misunderstanding, and I can put everything back if you want. Thanks for reading.

TL;DR: I got banned for griefing, during this ban I was griefed (now allowed), I decide to grief, I get banned for griefing. What a mess.

8 days ago
Ban Appeal

This is moreso an apologize rather than an appeal. Thanks. -meme712312312

9 days ago
Ban Appeal

Hello, this is meme712312312. I was justly banned 2 days ago, and I have fully regretted the actions that have led to my punishment. I stole from people without any thought put into it, and I feel ashamed that I would do such a thing. It was wrong and unfair to the people of the server and I truly apologize for such a thing. Even though I will be unbanned in two days, I really want to play on this server. The people and friends I have made are out of this world, and I took that for granted. I fully understand if you do not accept this appeal, and I promise to become not only a better member but a better person in real life.

Your friend,

meme712312312 <3

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