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5 months ago
Adding PVP to the Wilderness


I am here to suggest that we add pvp to the wilderness so players can pvp outside of a town setting.

PVP is a pivotal part of minecraft as a game and so i don't understand why the only setting in which pvp can take place on the server is by enabling pvp within a town plot when the wilderness in my interpretation is meant to be a prime place for PVP activities to occur. 

Ofcourse, there would have to be rules put in place to target random teleport killing and ensuring that SMP type rules (e.g. not pvping with someone who doesn't want to pvp) are upheld to ensure players who want to opt out of PVP are not being targetted. 

Not only do i think it will add to the experience of the playerbase on the server but it will also open up doors for multiple plugins such as a bounty plugin and the easier gaining of playerheads through organised pvp matches - again something i feel will add tremendous experiences to the server. 

I am in no way suggesting raiding with this post, just pvp in the wilderness to add a new level of gameplay to the server.

Thank you for reading

- Sam 

5 months ago
Magnet Perk


5 months ago
Town jails



This would be such a good feature to add

5 months ago
Marriage Plug-In

+1 as long as the plugin is inclusive for everyone and doesn't force hetronormative terminology like i know some marriage plugins do.

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