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15 minutes ago
A bundle of suggestions I think would be dandy!

Roleplay Features: Well roleplay should be completely optional, I think having a roleplay chat that is for people within a few chunks or a certain town but not global would be good, and a little symbol showing that a towny is roleplay orientated or players that are willing to roleplay, example [Global][Wooloo][RP(checkmark)]newdeej: Hello!
McMMO XP Gain: I meant jobs don't give exp from soulsand I think... maybe both?
Nations: I don't think it would encourage all towns to join one super nation, a reason would be take Wooloo / Reef with Spruceberry. Three of the biggest towns, they wouldn't join together. If you don't give a reason like more claims, why would anyone join a nation anyways? Unless nations would pay your towns daily taxes out of the nation bank instead, but that'd be OP.
Rewards/Crates: I don't really think they drop all that good items though. Since they're at this point so common from what they drop, everyone that votes daily has a surplus of each so much so they're not being bought and if they are, for not much from what I can tell. I think replacing some items with more Ore things like bigger diamond blocks, or, Spawners. Having a bigger circulation of spawners would be really good, since theres kind of a lack of things like blaze spawners in most towns. 
Keys: It is not fixed. On 1

3 hours ago
A bundle of suggestions I think would be dandy!

For those who are reading currently, I updated it. :)

4 hours ago
A bundle of suggestions I think would be dandy!

A marriage plugin.
McMMO Party
A pets plugin: So you can escort a sheep across the land to your town instead of herding it 5000+ blocks because it is the only one that spawns.
Roleplay features, and roleplay chat: ( personally don't really think towny is towny without some kind of roleplay or towny-politics, it's half the fun!
Easier to get Custom Enchant books: think we all know the pain of grinding a mob spawner for 30 minutes for 1 enchantment book and to get Aquatic 1 for the fourth time in a row is like.
Less amount of staff: I personally think the amount of staff is inflated on this server, and I think it should be a more so rule of Quality > Quantity, but it seems like there's been a decrease in staff activity within the past week.
A rework of MCMMO EXP gain: There are a few errors with this, like currently Excavation doesn't give EXP from SoulSand. 
A buff to the Excavation job: I'm excavation level 17, I mine a stack of sand and only get like 200$. 
No / smaller cooldown time on the jobs to get paid. This is things for like speed mining, I noticed this the most with excavation where an EFF 5 shovel will mine so fast, most the blocks you mine WONT give you ANY money at all.
Nations give 100 - 200 extra claims. BUT as a trade off only towns with like 10+ Members can join a town. I also think something like, the more members you have in a town the more the nations claims open up to you, with a maximum of 200 extra bonus claims, getting 5 claims per new person that joins! I think this will really help larger towns who are struggling to fit people. 
Weekly - BiWeekly events: ex. This Sunday only all diamonds drop 2x the diamonds!, The EnderDragon has ressurected, and he's stronger than last time, party up to get good rewards! (He's 2x stronger but drops like Custom Enchants.) 
Better rewards for doing things: like Mob Arena for an example. We've all done mob arena, and the reward is a few crate keys! Yay! More nautlius shells for everyone!
A rework to the crates: Crates at this point in time drop pretty much useless stuff, I have a "crateshit" chest where I dump all the stuff from crates cuz I never use it. Stuff like Blaze Spawners being inside of Legendary Crates and Skeleton and Zombie Spawners being in rare crates, while legendary will drop like 2x of them. 
Finally, please, barty, fix the keys in the /menu: The "Rare" Keys are more expensive than the legendary keys. I currently get 3 rare keys a day, but for 4 I need to pay 450,000! While for the legendary keys I paid only 120,000! So like... please. It hurts me. 

I hope you guys liked my suggestion and if you guys agree or don't agree say so in the comments and share this with your friends so that we can get more traction going, I think this will help the server alot!

Oh yeah! I should add my opinion on controversial topics right now. 
Adding boarder rules: Things like griefing and trolling right outside of a town is kind of disgusting (I know, I was aprt of that wave.) So we should have a rule where it's like you cannot build within X amount of blocks by this persons boarder or destroy.
PVP Adaptations and changes: I think PVP is currently fine how it is. But, if I would have to make a change, you could add a command for people to do /pvp which is on like say, a one week cooldown, where it either toggles it off or toggles it on. So people who never want to pvp can leave it toggled off, and those who do can toggle it on. 

Okay now thank you for listening!

8 days ago
To prove a point of fixing your staff.

I pointed out, and in another post @Lixaron that this entire thing was childish, I also pointed out that we didn't do the same thing's Spruceberry has, as we have offered a truce, a cease fire over and over again and Puppy continues denying. Also, I never said blowing up stuff was my issue, my issue was writing out "Pooloo" in front of my town. That is toxic behavior. My mute for "toxicity" was me calling out the fact that puppy didn't mute his townmember after calling my town Pooloo, but muted the Wooloo member. AND, me. That is a down right straight abuse of power. Look through the screenshots aswell, I told my member to stop being toxic in chat, I even @'everyoned in my private discord this morning to tell them to cease their rudeness. Puppy on the other hand, is currently encouraging you guys to continue, and continue, and continue. Childish behavior. Once again, I will admit, the grief-war is very childish, and yes I have contributed, but it all started with Puppy telling his townspeople to start setting up a TNT cannon pointed at my good friend, and allies, the Reef. Also, Spruceberry has always hated Reef and sent him books that say "War was started." way before Wooloo even allied with Reef. If you want to say that Puppy and Spruceberry haven't instigated this fight the entire time, you can, but you'd be completely wrong. I'm okay with ending this shit, are you? 

9 days ago
To prove a point of fixing your staff.

Here's another thing PuppyNomNomKing has just done to me. Look it over. :)

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