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3 months ago
got banned for having a shulker of ce books... From Isaac

a stack of ce books takes ~ 200 levels if you start from 0. 

That night i played for 5-7 hours straight with a 500% xp bonus.

and i bought some xp from someone, i forget who.

i spent 1.8mil on his bottles at 40k each so thats 45 10k bottles and my 500% made them 50 bottles thats 2,250,000 xp which is 900 books which alone is ~ 14 stacks of books, the other 13 stacks took about 20 mins a stack to get which is like 4.333334 hours to get from killing endermen

4 months ago
Isaac ban appeal

So, I know what I ddI and I know I did deserve to be banned, but I would like to offer some explanation, I feel like I was friends with a toxic group, as shown by their band and just went down the wrong path. I know this doesn’t excuse me because they were still my choices and then when my moderator was stripped I lost full. All I’m asking for is a second chance on the server to bring my name back into a good light, I know I have no chance of getting mod back nor do I think I deserve it. I know I blamed other people for what i did initially but I now realize that’s not fair on them. 

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