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2 days ago
A Discussion About Wild Griefing

or just claim the land you don't want griefed. 


Players were warned a WEEK in advanced. It's their fault if they didn't go and claim the land that was exposed.


That's like leaving your car doors wide open with the keys in the ignition in a bad part of town then getting mad when it gets stolen.


3 days ago
Have a way to enable/ disable your head on Dynmaps

Dynmaps is a nice way to travel around and get to somewhere you need. Be nice if we can just enable/ disable if we wanna be shown on dynmaps.

3 days ago
Could we not?

It's out of the town boundaries. Not sure what you expected. People are gonna attack anything thats exposed, doesn't matter what town you are in. People are gonna be assholes. Claim all the land that you don't want touched, and boom grief gone.



Outpost part is a bit of a douche move tho.

5 days ago
Passive Mobs Spawnrate Issue, and Solution Suggestions.

Ye +1

Trying to start a farm is nearly impossible because you have to search for half an hour just to find a single cow. Spawnrates on passive animals sucks


Then you go out at night and get met with 20 phantoms attacking you along with 100 other random mobs.

6 days ago
Stackable Pots


what i literally bought stack for. Couldn't even do it.

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