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about 1 month ago
x-ray banneroni

Got banned for xray, big dumb thing to do. There isn't really any other minecraft server I play on and i'm glad to be a part of this one oop, met a lot of great people, made a lot of coolio friends. Not really a good reason for why I did it, even though any reason isn't acceptable.


Planet boi did a bad.. again.. yikes.. But, I am greatly sorry- No more xray for me. If you accept I wont be a bad boy again. Promise.

But if you don't accept this appeal considering past things that have happened I totally understand.



about 1 month ago
Banned for Griefing

remember- when you use the towny map BIG it only shows like 12 chunks in each direction

about 1 month ago
Yikes. Banned for exploiting/ alt

Ayo! Saturn here.


I got banned for exploiting and an alt. Just gonna put it blunt, yeah I did both. I found a way to make quite a bit of money, don't ask how, and did it a bunch. Big dumb dumb move.


And the alt thing; Yeah, I used to come on with an alt, but I haven't used said alt in quite a while, like around a month, since towny doesn't really give you many uses for an alt, so I stopped using it.


Big oopsy on my part, I am big boi sorry. I mean, I think i'm personally a good person, I play on the server basically every day, I like this server and enjoy wasting about half my day on it every day, I got 11d and like 18h and I would love for it to not be all thrown away because I did a bad thing. I will accept whatever punishment I can, just rather not be permanately banned from the server :c




2 months ago
Add PvP Arena back into the server

Yeah I think an arena warp would be cool.

3 months ago
Player admits to hacking

kinda ironic.



I think you forgot to turn your ore xray thing off when you took the screenshot~

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