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6 days ago
Add PvP Arena back into the server

Yeah I think an arena warp would be cool.

16 days ago
Player admits to hacking

kinda ironic.



I think you forgot to turn your ore xray thing off when you took the screenshot~

24 days ago
Re-Add XP boosts in Legendary Crate

Oh really? Well yeah just remove those. Normal XP is already super easy to get, at one point I had like 250-300 levels beacuse I didn't use it and I kept opening crates.

24 days ago
Re-Add XP boosts in Legendary Crate


i agree on 2 of them, just not on the vanilla xp one.


1 thing;



not disagreeing, just wondering your reasoning :)

25 days ago
Re-Add XP boosts in Legendary Crate

Ok lemme tell you, these things were nice.


Yeah, bit op, but thats why they had a decently small chance of recieving.


Can we get them readded?? They were really nice to have until they got exploited the hell out of and got screwed up for everyone. Maybe readd, and patch the exploits that were used to duplicate or whatever was going on, I mean, every problem has a solution. 

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