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5 months ago
Raiding in the "Wilderness", please Allow it

The object of Towny servers is to create towns and in doing so your property is protected. You pay daily Taxes to keep your Town up and thus protected.  The way the Rules are now makes little sense of why even creating a Town. 

Every Towny server I have played on when a Town falls from daily Taxes not paid the Town was unprotected and fair game to anyone to Raid it.  Right now it is agains the Rules to Raid in the Wilderness?!? Huh!!? This makes ZERO sense and defeats even having Towns.

Currently, if I can have my stuff protected anywhere on the map, no matter if in a town or not this is absolute rules for a disaster.  As it stands now with the Rules of no Raiding in Wilderness, I can go out and put a fence around as large of an area that I want, nothing stopping me.  I could go out and fence in a 300 X 300 huge plot, NOT make a town, Not have any Taxes, AND have ALL the protection in the world because if Anything inside the fence got broken or stolen the RULES as they are Now would make it illegal. 

Please reconsider this Rule as it makes no sense and takes a huge part of fun Towny playing out of the game.

Remember as the Rules are right now I can and am Going to go out and fence in a massive area and "Claim" it with Nothing but Signs and that is Legal. So when someone Steals or Breaks anything within the Fenced area (Even though it is Wilderness") staff will have to punish (Ban) the player who stole.  Remember this is how the Rules are as they are wrote right now. I do not need a Town for Protection, my stuff is Safe EVERYWHERE on the Map!

Make Raiding in Wilderness Allowed Please!!

Griefing is another subject and I do not agree with Water or Lava griefing in the Wilderness!



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