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2 days ago
A Discussion About Wild Griefing

Recently, the arguments have died down a bit, and I know the staff are doing as much as they can to minimize.  The 72% that voted, voted before they experienced the griefing/raiding.  I think there is a place in the configuration to adjust the time before the locks come off.  I might go try to enable raiding but not griefing?
I interpret griefing as the destroying of builds and raiding as the stealing of other's items.

I also understand the idea of allowing griefing to recycle land in the wild, I see no major issue in this as long as the build is taken down and not ruining the land. My main issue lies with the towns that are being blown up outside of claims since there is no border protection. I saw another forum post explaining how they had been blown up outside of town since it wasn't claimed.

xSaturnityx brings up a good point, players were warned a week in advance which I agree with, however, he says that it is their fault if they didn't claim the land that was exposed. With all of the sides being blown up, how are you supposed to expand your town? If I've maxed my chunks and can't expand anymore with bonus chunks, and then I gain new players with +8 chunks but the land surrounding my town has a wall around it or is blown up, how am I supposed to expand?


3 days ago
A Discussion About Wild Griefing

Lately, when I play on the server, many people have been complaining about the fact that an unclaimed build was griefed.  It's been impacting the community and from what I've seen it hasn't been in a positive way.  We used to have fun and help everyone, but now if a town doesn't claim something, people are blowing it up, or building walls or things that are hard to take down.  The other night we worked to fix a wall that took us about an hour...with 13 people!  That and people are constantly arguing in general chat, making the mods work harder, and upsetting players.  Personally, I think since towny should stay more peaceful.
I'm not a fan of wasted goods, so maybe we could set the locks to come off after 14 days of inactivity? Maybe make the rule raiding in the wild, but not griefing? I think it would benefit the community more.  Maybe we could re-take the poll now that we've experienced both ways?

Just my thoughts, feel free to add to the post below :)

17 days ago
Changed shop prices to scam 600,000.

I believe they ment that did not have perms to change the signs on the shop.  My guess is that it is some type of glitch.

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