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Please keep in mind that every situation is unique. Certain things may influence the severity of your punishment, such as severity of the rule break, or if you are a repeat offender. If you believe you were punished unfairly, please create a punishment appeal ticket on our Discord here.

You may not do anything that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. This includes using a modified client (such as x-ray, fly, etc.), exploiting bugs, using macros & scripts to automate things, AFK fishing, or trading in-game currency/items for real world currency/services. If you find a bug, please report it to on our Discord here, you might even get a reward!

If you look like you are using a script and do not respond to us in chat or if we are punching you, you will be treated as if you were cheating.

Allowed Clients/Modifications:

  • Fullbright/Gamma
  • Minimap (Surface Only)
  • Badlion Client
  • Lunar Client
  • Optifine/Shaders
  • Sodium/Lithium/Phosphor
Any other clients or modifications are prohibited.

We are not a kid friendly server, but we also want to keep a friendly atmosphere and to achieve this we ask that you do not be toxic, act inappropriately, or troll excessively on our server.

The following things are specifically prohibited:

  • Extremely Offensive Content/Racism/Ableism
  • Illegal Actions
  • Harassment
  • Excessively Sexual/Inappropriate Content
  • IRL Threats
  • Suicide Jokes
  • Excessive Use of Uppercase
  • Disruptive/Heated Arguments
Depending on if a staff member thinks that a conversation is getting out of hand or about a topic making other players uncomfortable, they may ask you to change the subject. Please comply with their request.

You may not spam messages that intentionally disrupt the chat and ruin the experience of others players.

You may not advertise or post links to anything that is not directly related to PartyRealms. This includes: advertising rival servers, websites, or inappropriate websites.

You may not scam other players in any way. Be honest and do not try to take advantage of other players.


  • Gambling - We will not enforce fairness in player-run gambling or casinos

You may not grief in estates. Frontier is fair game unless it becomes harassment.

You may not help others break the rules. If you assisted them in any way, you will be punished the same as the person breaking the rules.

You may not share the personal information of another player without their explicit written consent.

You may not evade your punishments in any way. This includes using alternate accounts, VPNs, or some other oversight/trick that allows you to bypass your punishment.

This is an English server. We do not know every language in the world and would prefer you use English in global chat channels so that we can effectively help you and moderate chat. Please do not use non-English in our global chat channels.

Last Modified: November 13th, 2022