Please keep in mind the punishment guidelines for everything are not always exactly followed by our staff. Punishments can depend on severity and sometimes immediate permanent bans happen instead of going through the entire punishment guidelines. If you believe you were punished unfairly, please create a punishment appeal ticket on our Discord here.


Modified Clients

Modified clients that give you an advantage over other players are not allowed. If you have to ask, it is probably not allowed.

Examples of unallowed clients: x-ray, hacked clients, etc.

Examples of allowed clients: minimap (surface only), badlion, etc.


Taking advantage of things that are the result of an unintended bug in the server or Minecraft itself is not allowed.

This includes taking advantage of dupes, creating lag machines, or otherwise anything that does not seem like it fits within the integrity of the game/server.

Reporting exploits to the staff will result in no punishment and potentially a reward.

Player Interaction Automation

Using software to automate interactions is not allowed. You cannot use autoclickers, anti-AFK scripts, or other various methods to automate your physical interactions on the server. Taping down a mouse falls under this. If you are not at your computer physically doing your actions, you will be punished.

Real World Trading

Exchanging anything related to or on the server for real life currency/items/services is not allowed.

» Punishments for Cheating

  • 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Chat Behavior


All global channels that all players can see are english-only. This includes /me and Global Chat.


Sending messages repeatedly to the chat to degrade the experience of other players is not allowed. This can include sending gibberish and other intentionally annoying messages that will disrupt the flow of chat.


Changing your nickname to impersonate other players is not allowed.

Appealing/Discussing Punishments

You must appeal punishments in the appropriate channel on Discord. Messaging staff members or discussing with other players in global chat will result in your punishment being extended. Harassing staff members over another player's punishment will result in you being punished as well.

Toxicity/Inapropriate Behavior

This is not a kid-friendly server. That being said, we have some restrictions on what you are allowed to do in chat in order to keep it a friendly place for everyone. Please try to be a decent person in chat and refrain from being excessively and repeatedly toxic, trolling, and being excessively inappropriate on the server. The following are specifically not allowed:

  • Excessive disruption of chat
  • Extremely offensive content
  • Illegal behavior
  • Excessive & continual harassment
  • Sexual/inappropriate messages directed at other players
  • Extremely graphic images/NSFW images or the description of them
  • Using all caps to significantly disrupt chat
  • IRL threats
  • Suicide jokes
  • Heated arguments
  • Racial/Offensive slurs
If someone wants you to stop harassing them, stop. Generally staff will remind you before punishing you, but if your content is severe enough you may be punished immediately. If you have been told to take a conversation to private messages or town/nation/local chat, please do so. Some things may not be explicitly against the rules but is in the best interest of the server to keep out of global chat. If you have issue with another player or a discussion, please use /ignore [player] or /leave global


Trolling is the deliberate act of making unsolicited or controversial comments with the intent to provoke a reaction from other players. Trolling and showing a lack of intent to play on our server is not allowed.

» Punishments for Chat Behavior

  • 1st Offense: Warning
  • 2nd Offense: 10 Minute Mute - 1 Hour Mute
  • 3rd Offense: 1 Hour Mute - 1 Day Mute
  • 4th Offense: 1 Day Mute - 1 Week Mute
  • 5th Offense: 1 Day Ban - 7 Day Ban
  • 6th Offense: Permanent Ban

In-Game Behavior


Scamming of any kind is not allowed. Be honest and do not try to take advantage of others.

  • If you choose to gamble at a casino, we are not going to enforce whether it is fair or not. We do not condone gambling and if you lose all of your money we will not intervene.
  • If you set your shop prices incorrectly where you buy an item for more than the sell price, you are responsible for this. We will not refund you if someone takes advantage of your mistakes in your shop. Please be very careful when setting up a buy/sell shop.

Alternate Accounts

You are limited to one account per person. Account sharing is allowed, but the other account must be the main account of another player who actively plays.

If you share an IP address with another player, please notify staff immediately so we do not mistake you for an alternate account.

AFK Avoidance

You are not allowed to create AFK pools, or use other automated systems (or software) to prevent yourself from being marked as AFK or kicked for being AFK for too long.

» Punishments for In-Game Behavior

  • 1st Offense: Warning
  • 2nd Offense: 1 Day Ban
  • 3rd Offense: 7 Day Ban
  • 4th Offense: Permanent Ban



Stealing/raiding/griefing are not allowed in claimed areas. You may not steal/raid/grief regular towns or ruined towns. You may steal/raid/grief in the Wilderness or any unclaimed area. Chest Shops in the Wilderness will be removed if anyone encounters them. Toxicity is still not allowed, so do not try to blow up the land near a town just to be a jerk. It will be treated as griefing.

It takes us less time to catch, punish you, and rollback everything than for you to grief/steal/raid another player. You are not allowed to raid ruined towns.

Claim Blocking

You are not allowed to claim land near another town to intentionally prevent them from being able to expand their town. You may claim or build near other towns but only if you are actively using that land.

Modifying Land Around Towns

Modifying the land around a town to intentionally make the landscape ugly is not allowed.


30 Day Rule

If a player has not been online for 30 days, their items, their buildings, etc. in claimed areas are no longer considered owned and may be taken down or their items taken.

Check with a staff member to see if a player has not been online for 30 days or use /seen.

Helping Others Break Rules

Helping other break rules will result in you receiving the same punishment. This includes encouraging them to break the rules, breaking the rules along with them, or giving them information that would directly lead to them being able to break the rules.

Mayors Kicking Residents

Mayors are allowed to kick residents from their town for any reason. However, they must return that player's possessions if requested by the player. The resident who was kicked must be able to get their stuff back.

Sharing Personal Information

Sharing the personal information of another player without their explicit consent is not allowed. You must get their consent in writing before doing so.

» Punishments for Sharing Personal Information

  • 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Punishment Evasion

Evading your punishment through the use of other players, signs to bypass mutes, and other methods will result in your punishment being drastically increased.


Advertising anything that is not directly related to the server is not allowed. This includes: advertising rival servers, websites, or inappropriate websites.

You are allowed to post links that are appropriate, do not break any other rules, and will not bring any harm to the server or the player clicking on it.

» Punishments for Advertising

  • 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Last Updated: 6/14/2020

Please make sure you read all of the rules carefully. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse to break them.