BartyRealms - Rules

- Modified Clients -

Modified clients that give you an advantage over other players are not allowed. If you have to ask, it is probably not allowed.
Examples of unallowed clients: x-ray, hacked clients, etc.
Examples of allowed clients: minimap (surface only), badlion, etc.

- Chat Channels -

Please use each channel for what they were designed for. A list of channels and their purposes can be found below.
Follow all of the rules in each channel. Rules are relaxed in non-global chats. Please keep politics, drugs, etc. out of chat.

Global Chat - /gc: For general chat to other players that are a long distance away.

Local Chat - /lc: For when you are talking to someone who is within 100 blocks of you.

Town Chat - /tc: For chatting with your town members.

Nation Chat - /nc: For chatting with your nation members.

Direct Messages - /dm: For directly talking to another player in private.

- Helping Others Break Rules -

Helping other break rules will result in you receiving the same punishment. This includes encouraging them to break the rules, breaking the rules along with them,
or giving them information that would directly lead to them being able to break the rules.

- Exploiting -

Taking advantage of things that are the result of an unintended bug in the server or Minecraft itself is not allowed.
This includes taking advantage of dupes, creating lag machines, or otherwise anything that does not seem like it fits within the integrity of the game/server.
Reporting exploits to the staff will result in no punishment and potentially a reward.

- Alternate Accounts-

You are limited to one account per person. Account sharing is allowed, but the other account must be the main account of another player who actively plays.
If you share an IP address with another player, please notify staff immediately so we do not mistake you for an alternate account.

- Stealing/Raiding/Griefing -

Stealing from other players in any form is not allowed. This applies to raiding and griefing aswell. If it is not yours, do not touch it.
It takes us less time to catch, punish you, and rolback everything than for you to grief/steal/raid another player.

- Advertising -

Advertising anything that is not directly related to the server is not allowed. This includes: advertising rival servers, websites, or inappropriate websites.
You are allowed to post links that are appropriate, do not break any other rules, and will not bring any harm to the server or the player clicking on it.

- Sharing Personal Information -

Sharing the personal information of another player without their explicit consent is not allowed. You must get their consent in writing before doing so.

- Language -

All global channels that all players can see are english-only. This includes the global and market channels.

- AFK Avoidance -

You are not allowed to create AFK pools, or use other automated systems (or software) to prevent yourself from being marked as AFK or kicked for being AFK for too long.

- Real World Trading -

Exchanging anything related to or on the server for real life currency/items/services is not allowed.

- Claim Blocking -

You are not allowed to claim land near another town to intentionally prevent them from being able to expand their town, unless you are intending on actually using that land. Basically, do not claim an area that will block another town just to be a dick.

- Destroying Land Around Towns -

Destroying the land around a town to intentionally make the landscape ugly is not allowed. This includes building.

- Terraforming -
You are not allowed to significantly change the landscape in such a way that it would be ugly on the map. You are allowed to terraform inside of your town claims,
as long as it is not an eyesore on the map.

- 30 Day Rule -

If a player has not been online for 30 days, their items, their buildings, etc. are no longer considered owned and may be taken down or their items taken.
Check with a staff member to see if a player has not been online for 30 days or use /seen.

- Spam -

Sending messages repeatedly to the chat to degrade other the experience of other players is not allowed. This includes spamming, using all capital letters, etc.

- Impersonation -

Changing your nickname to impersonate other players is not allowed.

- Appealing Punishments -

You must appeal punishments in the appropriate channel on Discord. Messaging staff members or discussing with other players in global chat
will result in your punishment being extended.

- Toxicity -

We try to create a friendly environment here. Being overtly toxic to other players is not allowed. If you are ruining their experience on our server,
you will be quickly removed. This is mainly enforced in global chats, but you are also not allowed to be overtly toxic in direct messages.
If someone wants you to stop harrassing them, stop.

- Scamming -

Scamming of any kind is not allowed. Be honest and do not try to take advantage of others.
If you choose to gamble at a casino, we are not going to enforce fairness.
It should be assumed that all casinos or games of chance are rigged.

Once you have read the rules, be sure to type /rulesagree to be able to get started!
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