Cheat Clients

Any modifications to your Minecraft client that give you an unfair advantage over other players are not allowed. Breaking this rule will result in you being permanently banned.



Assisting others in breaking any of the rules will result in you being punished just as they were.



Do not take advantage of any exploits present due to Minecraft bugs or server bugs. If you do not report it to the staff team, you will be banned.


Alternative Accounts

The use of alternate accounts is not allowed. You are only allowed to play on one Minecraft account at a time. Contact a staff member to get someone approved if they are playing on the same IP address as you. Users caught evading this rule will have both their alternate account and their main account banned.

If you would like to switch your main account, contact a staff member.


Disrupting Our Services

Intentionally crashing the server or causing any service disruption will result in you being permanently banned.


Chat Channels

You must use the proper chat channel for what you are doing.
Local chat to your friends or people near you should be confined to local chat (/lc).
Trade chat, advertisements, and other types of transactions must be confined to market chat (/mc) or player ads (/ads). Price checking, asking to buy stuff, selling stuff, advertising towns should all go here.
Town chat should be confined to town chat (/tc).
Nation chat should be confined to nation chat (/nc).
Global chat should be confined to global chat (/gc), do not use this chat to talk to your town members, nation members, people in your local vicinity, or use it for trade.
Reminder: To change chat channels, do /channels. To leave/mute a channel, do /leave [channel]


Stealing and Raiding

Stealing from and raiding other players is not allowed.



Do not send messages in a way to intentionally disrupt the chat. This includes sending the same message over and over again, or sending messages in all capitals. You will lose your chat privileges if you do this.



We do not tolerate toxicity at all on BartyRealms. Toxicity is a broad topic and includes: racial slurs, sexual harassment, severely explicit language, and otherwise intentionally ruining another player's experience on the server. This can include both chat behavior and non-chat behavior.



You may not impersonate any other players or staff on the server.


AFK Pools

There is a 15 minute AFK kick to keep only active players online on the server. Avoiding this AFK kick through the use of a pool, or any machine designed to keep you from being marked AFK is not allowed.


Personal Information

Do not share the personal information of any player on the server without their explicit consent. You will be banned.
Personal information includes anything that could identify that player outside of the server, which can include: pictures, phone numbers, addresses, social media profiles, etc.



Do not link anything that breaks any of the other rules on the server. Linking explicit or adult content is not allowed.



Advertising any other servers or websites is not allowed unless it is directly related to the server.


Real World Trading

You may not exchange any items on the BartyRealms server for real world money or vice versa. This includes paid ranks.


Language in Chat

Please only use English when talking in general chat. You may use whatever language you would like in private or town chat.

Kicking Players From Your Town

If you have gotten to the point where you want to kick someone from your town, you must be prepared to give them all of their items back. This includes creating a lost and found area where you store all of the items from a player you have kicked. If they want to retrieve their items, it is your responsibility as mayor to return the items.

Arguing About Punishments With Staff

If you have been punished, do not DM a staff member to argue or complain about it. You will be either be warned to not contact them, or you will be punished further. Appeal your punishment at the proper place on the forums, which can be found here.



Destroying Land Around Towns

You may not destroy the terrain around a town to inconvenience them or ruin their landscape. Leave other towns alone. The damage will be rolled back and you will be punished. It takes more effort for you to destroy the land than us to fix it.

- Cobble Monsters
- Lava Waterfalls
- TNT Craters
- Mining out the landscape
- Intentionally ugly structures


Destroying Land in the Wilderness

You may destroy land in the wilderness as long as it is obvious that no one lives there. Check the surrounding area with '/towny map' to see if there is any nearby claimed area.


Claim Blocking

You may not intentionally claim land near another town to prevent them from being able to expand. 

If you are found guilty of this, your claims will be removed and you may be punished based on the severity.



To keep the Earth looking nice, you are not allowed to modify coastlines or destroy/create islands. You are only allowed to destroy the landscape inside of your claims.

Inactivity for 30 days

To keep everything fresh, you will be automatically kicked from your town if you have gone inactive for 30 days or more. You will also lose control of your items, and they will be given to your town.