BartyRealms Tutorial

All of the essential information on getting started can be found here. If you need more detailed help on a specific topic, check out /help or click here!

First Steps

Welcome to BartyRealms! The first thing you should do is read the rules, which can be found here. Once you have read the rules, you are ready to begin. Your first goal should be joining or starting a town. That will be explained later in this guide. Before that, let's familiarize yourself with some of our main commands.
  • /kit - Claim your starter kit, which comes with some stone tools, food, leather armor, and a boat.
  • /menu - This command will open up the BartyRealms menu. From here, you can access our help page, our rules, cosmetics, the server store, auctions, achievements, perks, warps, prefixes, and kits very quickly!
    • If you want to quickly get to those menus, there are shortcut commands such as /rules, /cosmetics, /store, /achievements, etc.
  • /map - This command lets you see the entire map of the Earth! You can see where you are, where other towns are, and where others are in real time!
Now that you know all about our menu, let's dive into what some of these menus actually are!
  • Achievements - Track your progress on unlocking achievements. Unlocking achievements will grant you access to various prefixes!
  • Prefixes - Unlocked through achievements, vote crate, and events, you can toggle your prefixes here.
  • Cosmetics - Cosmetic perks that are only obtainable through the server store.
The rest are pretty self explanatory.
What Now?

Your first goal should be to create or join a town in order to be able to break or build anything in the Earth world. You cannot break/build in the wilderness, so you will have to claim some land for a town or join a town! Details regarding towns can be found further on in the guide. However, if you are unable to join a town or wish to gather the money yourself, you can collect resources in the Resource World. You can access the Resource World through /warp. If there are no resources near the warp point, you can use /wild to randomly teleport within the Resource World. Beware, the Resource World resets monthly, so anything built here is at risk of being reset.
How To Make Money

Now that you understand our basic commands, let's discuss how you are going to make money. Well, you're in luck! There is a very detailed money making guide on all of the methods of earning money on the server that can be found here, or by typing /moneymaking in-game.

Making money is essential early on, you need it to pay town taxes or to create your very own town!  
Towny Guide

Now you are ready to join or create a town! Towns are used to claim land and protect yourself from others. Most likely you are broke and need to join a town, as you probably do not have enough money to start a town. It is very simple to join a town. Simply ask in chat, check the player advertisements with /ads, or check out the #recruitment channel on Discord. You will be sent an invite and will be able to join a town by typing /town join [townname]. You should join a town and start making some money before creating a town of your own. Remember to check your taxes by typing /town, a screen will popup that shows you information about your town, including how much tax you are required to pay each day. If you do not have enough money in your account, you will be automatically kicked from your town. Taxes are collected each day at 1 P.M. EST.

Once you have saved up $40,000, you can create a town of your own! You will need to leave your current town by typing /town leave. Once you have left, you need to travel to where you would like to construct your town. Once you are where you want your town to be, type /town create [townname]. This will create a town for $40,000. Be aware that your town has upkeep, starting at $800 each day, also collected at 1 P.M. EST. You must deposit money into the bank in order to cover this upkeep. You can check your upkeep by typing /town, it is displayed there. From here, you can expand your town by claiming more areas and inviting members to your town! The more people you have in your town, the more area you are able to claim. However, the more people you have in your town, the more upkeep you will have to pay. If your town does not have enough money to cover this, it will fall into ruin and you must recreate it for another $40,000. You can type /town claim to claim more land. More claims can be obtained by: having more people in your town, joining a nation, or by purchasing them with /town buy bonus [amount].

This is a short summary of all that is involved in creating and running a town. Learn about the rest of the Towny commands here.
Various Information

There are some various miscellaneous things that you will only discover by playing the server more! You will discover Safari Nets, which let you capture and transport mobs, PlayerAds, and more! There is a lot to do and discover on this server! Additionally, you cannot destroy land on Earth unless it is inside of your town. Collect resources in the Resource World, found at /warp.